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Your One-Stop Parallel Importer In Singapore

As a parallel importer in Singapore, we import cars and other vehicles directly from the country they’re from. After all, when you think about it, a parallel importer is nothing more than a reseller, similar to the authorised dealers like Kah Motor or Borneo Motors. We bring in the vehicles from the same source, whether it is from a factory in Japan, Korea, or Europe.

That being said, there are smaller parallel importer companies in Singapore that buy their cars from other bigger companies. Making them a reseller of a reseller. This is usually because they lack the capital to order the vehicles directly themselves. Because for certain countries, when it comes to parallel import cars, there is a requirement on the car dealer’s part to commit to a bulk order, imposing a greater financial strain on the smaller dealers.

The issue? These companies may choose to take extreme actions or riskier choices just to close the sale.

At Vins Automotive Group (VAuG), we focus on providing you with a long term solution as our goal is to grow with our clients. And it is to this extent that we continue to provide our clients with a wide range of automotive solutions, effectively making us a one-stop solution provider for all your car needs.

Why Our Clients Trust Us To Always Be Reliable

At VAuG, we import our vehicles directly from Japan and we can prove to our clients that at any one point of time, we have at least 100 vehicles in our pre-order list. This puts us in a similar position as the Authorised Dealers as we can deliver your car in just a few weeks once it passes inspection.

And because of our greater economy of scale, you’re likely to get a much more competitive price for the car of your choice.

Over and beyond that, because we also have our own in-house car workshop, you’ll be getting your parallel import warranty directly from us. This gives our clients the assurance that we’re here to stay for the long run. The relationship we have with our clients goes over and beyond from just receiving your car but with every servicing and maintenance that you complete with us.

We take pride in being one of the best parallel importers in Singapore.

Our Parallel Import Assurance

Whenever a car dealer in Singapore imports a vehicle, they will receive a few critical details about the car. To first time buyers, this may not seem important, but we recommend you to challenge your parallel importer to produce the chassis and engine numbers of the car you’re buying. In fact, ask them to show you proof of shipment of the vehicle while you’re at it.

It may not seem like much, but it does give you greater peace of mind when buying a new car, as you know where your car is.

After all, whenever we import a vehicle, we receive a Surrendered Bill of Lading that tells us the day of arrival of the vehicle our clients ordered. Our clients will have the assurance their car is on its way and they know exactly what to expect.

Smaller parallel importers, unfortunately, tend to buy their cars from a third party and will never have on-hand access to this information. Worse, because they are competing with other parallel importers to buy the exact same car, there’s no guarantee they would get it first.

This puts your purchase from that parallel importer at a greater risk as it could get delayed or you might even lose your deposit if they’re forced to fold.

Have peace of mind knowing that your car will be delivered by ordering with one of the best parallel importers in Singapore.

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Honda Vezel 1.5G (Latest Model)

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Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8


Mercedes Benz E 200


Toyota Harrier Hybrid


Toyota Alphard 2.5 SC


Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5


Voices of our clients, who have witnessed and experienced the “Omotenashi” culture we have here at Vin’s Automotive Group.


Mr. Choong

Honda Shuttle 1.5 MY19 Key
Luna Silver Metallic

“Appreciation to Aaron for his dedication to ensure our car purchase to be completed with all challenges in less than 2 weeks.
VAuG is also well reputable, and a veteran with vast years of experience in the car industry. They also had better pricing due to capacity and ability to get direct from factory in quantities.
I’m impressed with Aaron’s years of experience and knowledge in car technically. Aaron is someone who is reliable and I can trust. His workshop staff too were veterans with many years of experience and their workmanship on car service is flawless to me. ”


Mrs. Lai

Honda Fit Basic 1.3 CVT
Luna Silver Metallic

"Before coming to Vin's Auto, we visited a few PI but none came close in terms of pricing and customer service. The entire process was extremely quick & smooth.
Brandon fulfilled all the promises made on the deal and even managed to secure a good deal on the car insurance too.Thus making our 1st purchase from a PI pleasant and smooth!''


Mrs. Tan

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2.5GX
Glacier White

“Second time satisfied customer at Vin's Auto. After 3.5 years of consistent excellent service from VAuG, there were new additions to the family and it was time to upsize the car.
Finalising the purchase, all the way to delivery, was painless as expected. Aaron was extremely responsive and gave frequent updates. Every aspect of the deal was transparent, no hidden charges or surprises . Very glad we went back to VAuG!


Mr. Cheong

Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Sports
Denim Blue

“Kudos and a big shout out to Aaron. The services that Aaron provided was top of the class. 1: Not pushy 2: Super Friendly 3: Always put customer 1st. 4: End to end transaction was silky smooth.
He would even arrange to show a demo of an accessory so that I am sure what I really needed. He always made sure what I wanted meets my expectation and he indeed met them way beyond and above!👍💪


Vin’s Automotive Group (VAuG) – The Car Dealer For You

When you choose to buy your car with us, you get a one-stop car dealership service similar to an authorised dealer. You get to choose from a variety of car loans, our in-house warranty, and a long-term relationship with our servicing packages.

On top of that, we also provide test drives for selected new car models, a first even among parallel importers in Singapore. And if you can’t make the decision to buy but you really need a car, we also provide car rental.

Most importantly, you’re assured you will receive the car you ordered. And if you’re interested in amazing and practical freebies, then let us spice it up even further… because we provide our clients with the option to customise up to 10 components on your car. With great perks like these, it’s hardly surprising that parallel importers have been gaining market share within the automotive industry.

To get started on your parallel import car journey, do drop by our showroom for a visit or give us a call today.