6 Must Do Steps In The Event Of a Car Accident

steps to follow in a car accident

steps to follow in a car accident

If you get into an accident, there are a few things you need to do to make the stressful ordeal as easy as it can be. In Singapore, we have a very straightforward system that you need to get in motion and this article deals with most of the important steps.

Moreover, not completing some of these steps gives room to the insurance provider to decline any of your claims. Which is the last thing any driver wants in an accident.

Of course, not all accidents are the same and priorities may vary depending on the circumstances, but these are some of the general steps that you should take after an accident.

Here is what needs to be done before, during and after car accident reporting in Singapore.

1. Do Not Panic

As much as it is in your power, of course. It’s easier said then done if the accident is severe or if someone if badly injured.

If you are on a busy road, try to get to safety as soon as possible and help the injured. Traffic accident reporting is important, but helping the injured and preventing further injuries should be your top priority. If necessary, call the police and/or ambulance.

Once this has been taken care of, you can move on to the more formal steps, such as the next one.

2. Gather Information

The drivers need to exchange the most basic information including names and surnames, addresses, contact information such as phone numbers, respective insurance providers details and, of course, NRIC, or some form of identification number.

Also, make sure you write down the time, date and location of the accident.

3. Take Photos

Part of this information gathering process from step 2 is also getting some details regarding the accident itself. It is essential for a successful insurance claim. This means you should gather information and proof about how the accident happened, so moving the cars before getting this information is not a good idea.

You should take pictures of the accident before moving the vehicles. The photos should include license plates of all vehicles involved in the accident, the damages to the vehicles, any damaged property, as well as the surrounding area, including traffic signs, lane markings and similar.

This is to also ensure that the other driver does not further damage his car after the accident to lodge a bigger claim against you if you happen to be at fault.

Imagine you were explaining to someone how the accident happened and think about what scenes you would like that person to see to better understand your words and also from which angles you would like the person to see the scenes from. Try to make photos that best describe your explanation of how the accident happened.

Also, you can take photos of the personal documents of the other driver included in the accident.

Moreover, if you have a dash-cam in your car that recorded the accident, make sure you save the video. Most of these cameras automatically overwrite the content once their memory is full, so make sure you save the recording of the accident elsewhere. Make sure you get a good dash-cam that can film in HD and look clear at night.

Every bit of evidence helps especially when it comes down to an accident when it’s debatable who’s at fault.

4. Get the Insurance Provider Involved

Insurance providers probably have as much experience with car accidents and car accident reporting in Singapore as the police. This is why many of them are ready to use their knowledge and experience to help you when you get into an accident. They usually have a hotline number that you can call for some sound advice and even practical support such as a tow truck.

Speaking of which, you should make sure you have the hotline number before you actually need it, so make sure you ask around before you choose your insurance provider.

Aside from the mentioned, the hotline assistant should also give you information about the closest insurer approved reliable workshop to get an accurate quote for the repairs.

Lastly, this step can also save you a lot of hassle by making sure you avoid unauthorized towing companies and workshops. The last thing you need after an accident is more problems with such companies.

One point to note is that your premium will usually increase when you claim against your insurer. Try to settle privately with the other party if possible.

Check out our short video which shows you about the different insurance accident claims for greater clarity.

5. Report The Accident

A traffic accident report needs to be done within 24 hours after the accident to your insurer. In addition to this, car accident reporting in Singapore is obligatory for accidents that include pedestrians, cyclists, any government property and/or lead to injury or death. If you need any help with this, you can complete it in any police station and get all the necessary help.

It is worth noting that completing the report is not complicated, but the stress from the accident makes it difficult to concentrate on detailed paperwork.

6. Bring Your Vehicle To An Approved Workshop

If there are any damages to your car, it would be best to bring your car to a workshop that is approved by your insurer. There are some insurers that allow you to bring it to the workshop of your choice so double check with your insurer first.

By bringing it to an approved workshop, they will give you a reliable quote for the repairs. Some unapproved workshops might balloon the cost of repair for a quick profit which will then affect your premiums.

Lastly, remember that you should let the other driver gather all the same information as you. The whole traffic accident reporting and all that surrounds it is designed to provide all the necessary information to all the affected parties, as well as authorities and ensure that all of the subsequent actions are based on truthful, thorough and clear details for a fair resolution.

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