Toyota Alphard 2.5 SC


Making the perfect car is almost impossible. Manufacturers would have to cram various mutually exclusive features into one car. However, Toyota might have gotten the perfect blend when it comes to luxury and comfort with the Toyota Alphard 2.5 SC

Almost two decades ago, Toyota was listening to the pulse of the market. Apparently, there was a large chunk of the market looking for a spacious, practical, yet luxurious vehicle with a reasonably capable but not huge engine and a plush interior. There was demand for an upmarket MPV and Toyota came up with Alphard as an answer.


On the outside, the Toyota Alphard looks unapologetic. It is really in-your-face with its mix of modern features and exterior shape aimed at maximising interior practicality. The front hosts an absolutely massive grille flanked by large intakes and headlights. Its upright shape makes the front seem larger than it is and very upmarket.

Side silhouette is completely dedicated to practicality. The Alphard is basically sleek upfront to increase the front window surface and improve aerodynamics and it becomes almost completely boxy at the back to increase interior space. The only features that stand out are the ones related to luxury.

The larger 18” wheels fit the car perfectly, although even they do not seem too big, chromed front intake surrounds that spread to the side. The door handles and windows surround the C and D pillars give the boxy side a bit of plushness.

The rear is, once again, geared towards functionality. The boot door is large and flat, which makes the opening practically huge and reverse parking easier as the shape makes it very easy to guess where the boundaries are. Once again, taillights, a large chrome strip between them and a roof spoiler break the feel of sheer practicality in favour of luxury.

Engine and Powertrain

The engine in the Toyota Alphard is the same in all trim levels. It is a 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated 2.5L engine with 182 bhp and 235 Nm. It is paired with a Super CVT-I gearbox which sends the push to the front wheels.

The powertrain combo makes driving the Alphard easier than the numbers would suggest. The CVT gets it up to the most suitable rpm very quickly and it also makes cruising on a motorway a breeze at very low, yet completely unstressed rpms. The Alphard is never really sporty or aggressive, but that suits its purpose perfectly.

Overtaking and merging is easy, yet you never feel overwhelmed by the power delivery. The drive is efficient, yet comfortable, exactly what you want from a luxury MPV with your family in the back.

More to this effect, the rear suspension is now double wishbone, which means the car is both more comfortable and very controlled. The ride in the Alphard is tuned for comfort before anything else and if you use this car for this purpose, you will love it.


The main appeal of the Toyota Alphard is on the inside.

Automatic sliding rear doors are both cool and they give easy access in tight parking spaces. You don’t need any extra room on the side to open doors and the opening is very wide. Moreover, you can open them from the driver’s seat.

Once inside, you’re greeted with all the features that explain why the Alphard is considered a luxury vehicle. One of them is a memory seat function with three positions that adjusts the position of the seat with a simple push of a button.

All the controls are massive and very easy to use. The central console is wide and elevated for a more engaging feel and better ergonomics. Despite its size, you feel cocooned in the driver’s seat and getting used to controls is a breeze. The infotainment screen is placed high up to make it easy to view while driving.

Huge glass surfaces are both very nice for the perceived airiness of the car, as well as the view from the driver’s seat. More to the glass effect, you get twin moonroof for a really bright and airy interior.

The second row in this C-Package version of the Alphard also gets a folding side table and sun shades. If you’re choosing the place to be in the top-grade Alphard, it’s the second row.

Speaking of the third row, you can actually fit adults back there, although not as comfortably as you would in the second row. Even with these seats in use, there is still some boot space. With them folded, you get a massive boot.

Safety Features

The Toyota Alphard comes with Toyota Safety Sense that includes pre-crash safety system, lane tracing assist, radar cruise control and road sign assist, as well as an electronic parking brake, GOA poise body and shock absorber, ABS and EBD, park assist, electronic parking brake, rain sensors, reversing camera and more.

Is The Toyota Alphard A Good Car?

If you are looking for a comfortable, spacious, practical, luxurious family transportation or a luxurious car for covering long distances, the Alphard is one of the best choices on the market. Its unique combination of interior space, versatile seating options, interior materials quality and luxury puts it a notch above it’s closest rivals.

Simply put, there are many options out there that offer similar space, powertrain, interior quality, or modern design, but I’m not sure there are any that offer all that in one vehicle. Most people carriers will be very spacious and practical but won’t be that great when it comes to interior quality. This is where the Toyota Alphard clearly stands out.

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Engine capacity: 2,493 cc
Engine type: 4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC
Fuel type: Petrol


Power: 134kW (180 bhp)
Torque: 235 Nm
Acceleration: unknown
Top speed: unknown
Fuel consumption: 11.6 km/L
CO2 emission: unknown
Transmission: Super CVT-i (A)
Drive type: Front-wheel drive


Vehicle type: MPV
Dimensions: (L x W x H) (4915 x 1850 x 1880) mm
Wheelbase: 3,000 mm
Min turning radius: 5,600 mm
Kerb weight: 2,375 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 75 L
Boot/Cargo Capacity: 616 L


Brakes (Front): Ventilated disc
Brakes (Rear): Ventilated disc


Suspension (Front): McPherson strut coil spring
Suspension (Rear): Double wishbone coil spring

Safety Features

Number of airbags: 7
Traction control: Yes

Driver’s Features

Multi-Function steering wheel: Yes
Keyless engine start: Yes
Auto headlights: Yes
Rain sensing wipers: Yes
Electrical retractable side mirrors: Yes
Paddle shifters: No
Cruise control: Yes
Electric park brake button: Yes
Navigation system: No
Bluetooth Interface: No

Security Features

Smart key: Yes
Remote boot release: No
Electric tailgate: Yes

Exterior Features

Headlights: HID
Daytime running lights: LED
Front fog lamps: Yes
Rims: 18″
Sunroof/Moonroof/Panoramic roof: Yes

Interior Features

Multi-zone aircon: Yes
Rear aircon: Yes
Reverse camera: No
Driver’s electric seat: Yes
Passenger’s electric seat: Yes
Driver’s memory seat: Yes
Passenger’s memory seat: No
Knockdown rear seats: Yes
Leather seats: Yes
Leather steering wheel: Yes

Additional Features

All-round parking sensors
Dual power sliding doors
Rear spoiler

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  • Guaranteed COE without Topups
  • High COE rebates
  • No Accessories
  • Maximum applicable finance discounts applied
  • 6 months free road tax
  • In-house warranty of 5 years* or 100,000km, whichever comes first
  • 5 years free servicing*

*subject to terms and conditions

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