Mercedes GLA 200 Review – A Compact SUV That’s Big On Features

GLA 200

GLA 200

This Mercedes Benz GLA 200 review will let you know if the latest revamp of the GLA 200 makes the subcompact SUV able to battle the rest of the overcrowded small cars market. The competition is huge, but Mercedes-Benz is not your regular car manufacturer. They often push the boundaries, driving the whole industry forward in terms of both design and technology.

However, pushing the industry forward also costs a lot of money, so Mercedes-Benz vehicles are rarely among the more affordable ones but you definitely get what you pay for. On the other hand, the subcompact SUV segment is inherently limited by pricing expectations, so manufacturers need to find a way to make their cars competitive without breaking the bank.

Not an easy task. Let’s see how the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 fares.

Design of The Mercedes GLA 200

In terms of exterior design, Mercedes has its own general direction that affects everything, from the smallest A-Class to the massive GLS. While there are significant differences among them, whichever model you look at, it will unmistakably be recognized as a Mercedes Benz.

The GLA benefits from this design direction as well. The familiar stylish grille with a large Mercedes badge takes almost all the attention from the front. However, stylish headlights hug the grille from the sides and feel like they point to it, further emphasizing the central position of the grille. The lower section holds a modern front bumper with a chrome lip spoiler that adds a bit of sportiness to the elegant look.

Just like many other subcompact SUVs, the Mercedes GLA 200 also employs an elevating side view. The lower section of the doors climbs up as it reaches the rear of the car, meeting with the top section t the C pillar. While this can make rear visibility a bit hampered, it does let the designers make the side look really cool despite the limited space.

The side also sports these 18” wheels which are by no means small. However, they are further emphasized by the darkened cladding on the sides which makes the space around the wheels look even larger, so the GLA gets to look more rugged.


The rear is minimalistic with recognizable stylish taillights and a cleverly designed wide opening for the boot. The only thing that stands out at the back is this rear bumper with a prominent diffuser. Just like the front bumper, it breaks the rules and makes the rear sportier than it would be with a setup that follows the elegant, minimalistic route of the rest of the rear section.

Check out the full specs and features of the Mercedes Benz GLA 200 here.

Engine and Drive Of The GLA 200

The engine that powers the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 is a 1.3 L turbo petrol that is co-developed with Renault and Nissan. This means it has been powering vehicles that are sold in a number of different markets all over the world. You can see it in various Mercedes models such as the A-Class, CLA Class, GLA Class, B Class, and even the most recent GLB 200 Class.

In short, there is a reason why this engine is used so widely in many different markets and models, including mid-size SUVs. It is one of the best combinations of efficiency and power for a small petrol engine.

In this car, it produces 120 kW (163 hp) of power and 250 Nm of torque. What makes it even better to drive is the fact that the torque is available from just 1620 revs and all the way up to 4000 revs.

Such a wide torque curve translates to a very smooth and immediate power delivery. The GLA 200 makes the best of the engine almost all the time. Accelerating from a standstill is very easy and overtaking and merging onto motorways is easier than the sheer look at the specs sheet would suggest.

A very big part of this fast reaction and easy acceleration is the gearbox. The 7-speed dual-clutch reacts really quickly, making the best use of two clutches. Shifts are very fast and smooth and on harder acceleration, the push is consistent and uninterrupted.

So the small 1.3 actually easily pushes the GLA 200 to 100 in 8.7 seconds and tops out at 210 km/h, while officially covering 16.4 km per 1 litre of fuel. Remember the power and efficiency combo I mentioned? That’s it.

Handling is light around town and it gets more controlled at higher speeds. Comfort is also better than we expected. While these crossovers based on small city cars have short wheelbases and a stiffer suspension to help control the height, the GLA 200 is actually reasonably comfortable. Still, on rougher roads, you can expect harsher feedback from the suspension.


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Interior Of The GLA 200

GLA 200 interior

No Mercedes GLA200 review would be complete without acknowledging the interior layout. Mercedes has been upping the game in the affordable segment for a while now. The latest A-Class is the segment leader and while we don’t get the highest trim levels here, even the base one is far ahead of most of its competitors.

When you step in, you are greeted by a stylish steering wheel and two 7” digital screens, one for the infotainment and the other one for the instrument cluster. The central console is large and accommodating without eating too much into interior space, despite the compact, city-friendly dimensions of the GLA 200. It also holds these innovative touchpad controls for the infotainment screen.

You also get multi-zone aircon, reverse camera, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. In all honesty, going through all the interior tech features would merit a review of its own, so feel free to contact our sales department for a more detailed tour.

Storage capacity around the cabin is more than good. You get cupholders, door pockets, a phone tray, glove box, armrest bin and map pockets.

mercedes gla 200 boot space

Rear seats are surprisingly spacious for a car of this size. It is similar with the boot which can hold up to 435 L of space, which is a very nice number for a stylish subcompact. If you want more, you can fold the second-row seats. They split 40/20/40 for increased versatility. I have already mentioned the wide opening that makes loading bulky objects easier. This miniature load lip makes this even more so. If you are looking for more space, you can consider our GLB 200 or GLC 300 models.

Safety Features

As expected, the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Sport comes with a number of safety features. Just some of them include active brake assist, driver attention assist, active lane keeping assist, tyre pressure monitoring system, 7 airbags, traction control, automatic headlights, rain sensors, cruise control, electronic parking brake and more.

Is The Mercedes GLA 200 A Good Car?

It most definitely is. While you can find cheaper alternatives on the market, buying a vehicle from a premium manufacturer comes with its benefits and those include a premium image, high quality, loads of comfort and safety equipment and a modern, efficient and fun powertrain.

All this is packed in a compact body that is easy to maneuver around the city and in the body style that gives an elevated driving position, something that is all the rage in the car industry nowadays, as this is already one of the biggest and constantly growing segments of the market.

The GLA 200 delivers on all those fronts which makes it one of the best cars in its class.


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Mercedes GLB 200 Review – Spacious, Versatile, Classy

GLB 200 review Vin's automotive

Mercedes GLB 200 review Vin's Automotive Group

Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 was a long-awaited model. It filled the strangely unpopulated space in the Mercedes SUV lineup between the larger  GLC 300 or the small city buzzer the GLA 200.

Well, not only do we now have the GLB to fill the empty space but also four trims to choose from, each of which adds to the already amazing features of the entry-level trim called ‘Sport’. The other trims that we have are:

  • GLB 200 AMG Line
  • GLB 200 AMG Line Premium,
  • GLB 200 AMG Line Premium Plus

Each of them is a step up in almost every respect from distinctive exterior styling, interior perks and quality to advanced safety features.

But the GLB did not just fill the space. It also brought a lot to this segment of the market, offering a relatively compact, yet very practical vehicle that feels as comfortable in the city as it does on the motorway, that is easy to park and can also carry 7 passengers and that has that Mercedes-Benz aura that we are all used to.

You can check out the complete specs and features of the GLB 200 here.


The Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 has four trim levels to choose from, but even the entry-level one looks awesome. Sleek headlights border the perfectly measured grille with the three-pointed star. The lower section of the front holds the bumper with modern, aggressive features.
The side silhouette is a bit more rectangular, but with softening bends in all the right places.

This is how a small SUV can look both imposing and elegant at the same time. The rear boasts more recognizable Mercedes styling features that make the Mercedes GLB 200 look bigger and bolder than it really is.

There are four trim levels that make a difference in the way the Mercedes GLB looks. They change things like wheel sizes, bumper inserts and grille design, but in all of them, you get an elegant creation that draws attention on the road.

The GLB 200 is a proper Mercedes-Benz and it looks the part.


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Engine and Drive

All of the trim levels come with the same powering unit. It is a 1.3 L turbocharged engine with 161 hp and 250 Nm. It is mated to a 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic that transfers the push to the front wheels for improved fuel efficiency and lower weight.

Speaking of which, the official fuel consumption is 14.2 km/L of petrol. That power is enough to push you to 100 in a notch over 9 seconds and all the way up to 207 km/h.

So how do all those numbers translate to the driving feel?

While no powerhouse, the top torque figure comes from just over 1600 rpm and you can see that. Moreover, the dual-clutch gearbox reacts quickly and always keeps you in the best possible section of the rpm range.

This means that the power delivery is next to instant. 1600 rpm is not far from idle speed, so when you press the pedal it takes just a very short time to get all that torque at once and the GLB 200 is ready to take off. The gearbox plays a big role in this as it shifts quickly and it keeps you at the best revs for performance or efficiency.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the comfort and road handling of the Mercedes GLB 200. While it is a compact SUV, it is neither as firm as many of its competitors, neither does it lean in curves as much. They seem to have found the sweet spot between those comfort and control and it is just great.

Steering wheel feedback is a bit vague, but that is the case with most cars of this kind. They are not sports cars and they will spend most of their time in the city or long open roads, so a light and comfortable steering feel is welcome.

Similarly, the boxy, stylish body is perfect for manoeuvring tight parking spaces and estimating how far you can go. The elevated driving position is another perk in this respect as it gives a great overview of the area.


The GLB 200 offers amazing versatility, great engine and efficiency, cool design and loads of tech. It had to show the difference somewhere in terms of price when compared to the GLC 300 and that is interior refinement.

While it is not at the level of the GLC or GLE, it is also a true Mercedes-Benz, standing above most of its competitors in this class.

The twin screens interior is designed using the latest styling direction from the company. It oozes the sense of elegance and technology, from the mentioned screens to the beautiful and very practical multi-gesture touchpad controls.

Of course, this kind of tech allows for loads of personalisation that can be saved in seven different profiles. Moreover, all the tech in the GLB 200 is designed to make the best use of machine learning to adapt to your preferences and habits over time and make your GLB fit like a glove.

In terms of sheer practicality and comfort, the Mercedes GLB interior is better than one would say just by looking at it. The front, of course, is spacious and ergonomically perfect but the space in the rear is more than accommodating for a vehicle of this size. Moreover, there are two more seats in the third row. While those are only for children and occasional use, they are more than a welcome perk in a vehicle in this segment of the market.

Want even more?

The boot capacity with all 7 seats in use is 130 L. This is not a lot but do bear in mind that you have 7 people in the car. Fold the third row and you get 500 L of space. Fold the second row and you get 1055 L.

Still not enough? Then you should know that all these cargo capacity figures are only up to the window line. Fold the two rear rows and top it up to the roof and you get 1680 L of space. More commonly, with the second row in use and the far back packed to the roof you get 700 L of cargo capacity.


As expected, all Mercedes models are packed with safety, so the GLB 200 is no exception, even in the entry-level trim. Just some of the features include traction control, automatic headlights, rain sensors, cruise control, active bonnet, active brake assist, active lane-keeping assist and more.

Is The Mercedes GLB 200 A Good Car?

Yes, it fits the space between the GLA and GLC perfectly and even adds more than we would expect from a vehicle of this segment. It is the perfect next step for families who need more space than what the subcompact GLA 200 has to offer in terms of practicality.

Higher trim levels with twin 10.25” screens, awesome AMG styling and additional tech perks really make the GLB stand out from the crowd.

Which Is Better, GLC 300 or GLB 200?

Generally speaking, if your budget allows, the GLC is worth considering as a top pick. It is bigger, adds another level of quality and with more engines to choose from.

However, if the GLC 300 isn’t your cup of tea, I’m not sure why anyone would find the GLB 200 lacking in most respects. In terms of interior space, while the GLB is not at the level of the GLC, it is not far behind.

If you are looking for a car than has power, comfort, safety, versatility and backed with fine Mercedes Engineering, you really can’t go wrong with the Mercedes GLB 200.

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Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Urban Edition Review

mercedes benz gla 180 urban edition

mercedes benz gla 180 urban edition

Looking at the current market trends, it seems that Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Urban Edition is a car which checks a lot of boxes. It is an SUV, which is part of the largest and still growing automotive segment. Furthermore, it is a compact SUV, which makes it good for city driving and tight parking spaces.

It is made by one of the most iconic car manufacturers in the world, so great for the brand-conscious. It is the Urban Edition model, so its design and equipment additions are welcomed by the stylish buyers.

Its powertrain seems to hit the sweet spot between fuel efficiency and performance.

The car’s interior is luxurious, spacious and practical.

On paper, it seems that the Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Urban Edition is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a good family car or a fan of hatchbacks. Let’s see if this is the case in reality.

Design of the Mercedes Benz GLA Urban Edition

In terms of design, it comes with the recognizable Mercedes-Benz features such as the large MB grille, stylish headlights and creased bonnet and doors. These features are recognizable across the Mercedes-Benz range, there are even some hints that are reminiscent of the S-Class or GLC.

Having those features in a much more affordable vehicle can only be a plus.

However, being based on the A-Class, it also features the lovely side silhouette that adds a bit of coupe flair to the hatchback body.

Next, being an SUV, it boasts the elevated stance and roof rails that give it a more aggressive look.

Lastly, the Urban Edition means that it also comes with some styling cues. This package adds blacked-out trim, side mirrors and this stunning gloss black radiator grille. It also adds special 18” wheels and fog lights.

It may sound that all these features jumbled into one creation may be a bit too much, but somehow the GLA 180 Urban Edition is a very harmoniously-looking car.

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Engine Specs and Drive of the GLA 180

The engine in this model is a 1.6 L turbo petrol unit with 90 kW (121 bhp) and 200 Nm of torque. Being turbocharged, the torque comes much lower in the RPM range, so the GLA 180 Urban Edition always feels ready to go as it only needs a second to get to the most comfortable pulling revs.

A great help in this respect is this 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. While I must say that I don’t really see the purpose of dual-clutch automatics in anything that is not a sports car, I have to say that it helps the engine shift fast and always be close to the most comfortable revs.

The result is the fact that, in everyday conditions, the Mercedes GLA180 feels more powerful than the numbers would suggest. Anyone used to naturally aspirated cars with similar power ratings will think that the GLA 180 has far more power.

With the century sprint of 8.7 seconds to 100 km/h and the top speed of 200 km/h, the GLA 180 is no slouch. Add to this the official fuel consumption figure of 18.2 km/L and you can see why I called the GLA180 the sweet spot between performance and efficiency.

The GLA 180 has four driving modes to choose from – Comfort, Sport, Individual and Eco modes.

Comfort is the mode most people will be using most of the time. It provides a supple ride for a small SUV, although rougher terrains will definitely shake up the interior. It also aims to improve fuel consumption by shifting earlier, but also keeps the power ready to give the push if needed. The speed of the dual-clutch gearbox really helps with fast changes in driving conditions.

Sport mode holds the gears for longer, keeping the turbo spooling and ready to unleash all the power immediately. Shifts are also faster and the steering heavier and suspension stiffer for more control in sporty driving conditions. Paddle shifters are also great fun in these conditions.

Individual mode lets you tailor settings to suit your driving style. While it may sound enticing, you may want to give the pre-set modes a try in order to get a good feel of the car’s possibilities before you individualize the settings.

Check out the price and full specs of the Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Urban Edition.

Interior of the GLA 180

interior of the GLA 180


Even though the GLA is an entry-level Mercedes SUV, its interior is very nice, much nicer than in most competitors in the adjacent price range. This Urban Edition model comes with Nappa leather multifunction steering wheel and part-leather sports seats as standard. They provide amazing support for aggressive cornering, but they are also comfortable for long cruising. Seat adjustability means that anyone can find a good driving position.

The 8” multimedia screen is positioned very well, although some drivers will not like its tablet-like appearance. It comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and it is very responsive and easy to use.

As known by anyone who has driven a Mercedes, ergonomics is perfect. You will get used to all the controls after a very short time and operating the plethora of features in the GLA 180 will be a breeze.

rear seats of the mercedes benz gla urban edition

Rear seats offer great comfort for children. However, taller adults may find it too cramped on longer journeys. If you often drive tall adults in the back, you may want to look into something larger.

The boot has the capacity of 481 L with the rear seats up and 1235 L with the rear seats folded. Unfortunately, they do not fold completely flat, giving you an angled section of the boot.

Safety Features of the Urban Edition

In terms of safety, it comes with your standard and premium safety features like traction control, automatic headlights, rain sensors, cruise control, reversing camera and more.

Bottom Line

If you are expecting interior versatility that some similarly sized Honda models can give, then you will be disappointed by the GLA. However, most buyers who want something like that will not look into the GLA anyway.

Those who will look into it get the chance to enjoy one of the most luxurious cars in its price range with great interior materials, good tech, outstanding design and a punchy, efficient powertrain. While the GLA is an entry-level point into the world of Mercedes-Benz, it most definitely does not disappoint.

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Honda Vezel 1.5x (Petrol) Review

honda vezel review

honda vezel review

The facelifted Honda Vezel seems to have everything going for it. It is made by one of the most revered manufacturers with a great record for producing reliable cars that look good and are fun to drive, it is an upgrade to the already beloved vehicle and it is in one of the most popular automotive segments – subcompact crossover SUV.

While the very popular segment means that the Vezel is very likely to be very sought after, it also means that it has loads of competitors. Everyone is making subcompact SUVs nowadays and that means there is a lot to choose from in terms of price, equipment and different brands.

The previous Honda Vezel was a strong contender, but in such a crowded segment of the market, it was getting a bit dated. Honda did not try to drain every last sale of the previous model. but hurried to make it even more enticing to potential buyers.

Let us see if the Honda Vezel lives up to the expectations.

Design of the Honda Vezel 1.5x

The Vezel looks great. It is definitely one modern, stylish car. It is a mixture of curves and sharp edges and this kind of an idea often translates to clumsy designs. Not here.

The front has large lights that hug the sides of the car and continue towards the middle where they combine with a part that holds the Honda badge. The grille under this section is smaller but cleverly incorporated into the overall design of the front. The very low lip spoiler and fog lights make the front sportier.

Side view reveals a very handsome roofline that falls as it reaches the rear of the car. It is complemented by a crease that runs upwards over the doors and meets with the upper window line at the very back, completing the shape of the rear door handles. Even though it may sound like we’ve given too much attention to these two lines, they are actually the perfect examples of the attention to detail that resulted in this stylish design.

The  Honda Vezel is one stylish creation that definitely stands out from the crowd by incorporating a great number of design features without being over the top.

What Is the Difference Between the  Honda HRV and Vezel?

Put the Vezel and the HRV side by side and it would be almost impossible to tell them apart. The same similar specs like engine and chasis type. There can also be differences in the interior like the number of airbags and upholstery.

However, the main difference between the Honda Vezel and HRV is that the Vezel is brought in by a parallel importer like Vin’s Automotive. Whereas the HRV is sold by the authorised dealer.

Engine and Drive

The engine in this Honda Vezel is a 1.5L i-VTEC petrol with dual overhead camshafts. It produces 96 kW (129 bhp) and 155 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a CVT and it is the perfect choice. While the feel of CVT gearboxes is not among the most beloved features among some car fans, nobody can deny the smart efficiency of its mode of operation.

It keeps the engine at perfect revs for any particular driving conditions and extracts the most of it without ever making it feel strained, save for extreme acceleration.

The fact that the engine spends most of its time in its most efficient revs thanks to the continuously variable nature of the gearbox also means that fuel efficiency is improved and it officially stands at 20km/L. That is pretty good for an SUV powered by a petrol engine.

Suspension is MacPherson up front and torsion beam for the back. This setup makes the Vezel both comfortable and composed while cruising and stable in curves. It doesn’t matter what kind of a body style your Honda is. It is very likely that it will be at least a bit fun to drive.

The steering feel is great, very precise and it gives great feedback and the pedals are perfectly weighted which makes their use very intuitive from the first day.

Check out the price and full specs of the Honda Vezel 1.5x.

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Interior Design

interior of vezel

The Honda Vezel is a subcompact but the cabin is very spacious. The front looks very distinctive, it has great ergonomics and surprisingly good materials for this class.

The control panel in the middle of the central section of the dashboard is angled towards the driver and it is surprisingly easy to use. The steering wheel is thick and perfectly sized and the space in front of the passenger is dominated by air vents for an upmarket feel reminiscent of some Audi models, though with a different general idea.

The instrument cluster packs loads of information, but it is very easy to read and nice to look at. All in all, if you are in the driver’s seat of the Vezel, you will feel like everything in the car is aimed at your convenience.

Legroom in the rear is outstanding and even the headroom is not hampered by the stylish roofline. All the seats are elevated so you get a nice high sitting position, comfortable knee angle and enough space under the front seats to tuck your feet there and stretch a bit more.

The boot opening is wide with no intrusions and it makes loading large items a breeze. It the large items are also heavy, you will love the low load lip. The space with the seats up is 448 L which is among the most accommodating ones in its class.

If you need more space, the rear seats split 60/40 and fold for massive storage capacity. Even more remarkably, when the rear seats are folded, you get a completely flat floor. This is not often the case with subcompact vehicles whose small dimensions usually require a slope when the seats are folded.

Not in the Honda Vezel.

The great legroom translates to enough space to accommodate the folded backrests completely.

The passenger seat folds backwards for a space that is long enough for very long items such as surfboards.

Rear-seat cushions also fold upwards in an arrangement called Magic Seat to accommodate taller items.  This feature is familiar from some other Honda models and more than welcome as it makes transporting bulky items a breeze.

If interior practicality and versatility in a small package are your priorities, the Vezel is most definitely one of the top picks if not the best one.

Is the Honda Vezel a Good Car

The latest Honda Vezel looks good, it drives well, it has efficient powertrain and it packs a stunningly practical interior setup. It proves that top-rated practicality can come in a stylish and fun package. Add to this the reliability that Honda is famous for and the Vezel becomes even more tempting.

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Toyota Noah Hybrid Review – Good Things Come In Big Packages

toyota noah hybrid review

toyota noah hybrid review

On paper, the Toyota Noah Hybrid looks like the perfect all-round vehicle. It boasts modern looks, seats up to 7 people, offers a very versatile interior layout, a huge loading space with a flat floor and a very efficient, yet powerful enough engine to push the big body.

It sounds almost too good to be true so let us check out the Toyota Noah Hybrid review to learn more.

Design Of The Toyota Noah Hybrid

noah hybrid rear

We did mention the modern looks but the overall shape of the Noah is determined by the fact that it is an MPV. In order to maximize practicality, designers at Toyota created a boxy body, especially for the rear.

This dramatically increased interior space, both for the passengers and cargo,

This is why the result is even more interesting. With a few clever lines and smart solutions, they made the boxy blocks far more stylish.

noah hybrid rear

For example, the rear has a chrome stripe flanked by thin and upright taillights which hug the tinted rear window giving just the perfect amount of contrast and flair.

This same rear has a huge loading space, low, large and unobstructed load lip, a huge boot opening and a rear window that offers far more visibility than those on most competitors.

The side is more van-like with an ascending line behind the C pillar and a sliding door, while the front sports a huge grille with massive, body-coloured stripes. The headlights fall perfectly in place and complement the overall design.

In short, the Toyota Noah Hybrid looks as good as a van-like MPV in its price range.

Engine and Drive of The Toyota Noah Hybrid

The engine in this Toyota Noah Hybrid is a 1.8L I4 unit with 100 kW (134 hp) and 142 Nm of torque.

It is aided by an electric motor which adds enough zest with low-end torque to give a much better driving feel than the power and torque ratings would suggest.

For example, the standard, non-hybrid Noah has a 2L engine with 110 kW (150hp). This one is noticeably faster and more fuel-efficient.

The power is sent to the front wheels via an E-CVT gearbox chosen due to its efficiency. The same reason sits behind the choice of the Atkinson cycle for the engine. The engineers aimed to make the Noah as fuel efficient as possible, while also being powerful enough and very, very versatile for city driving.


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What is the Toyota Noah Hybrid Fuel Consumption?

The official specification says that you will cover 23.8 km for every litre of fuel. For a petrol vehicle with 7 seats and 1610 kg this is a great achievement.

The E-CVT is also very good. Even though the general operation of a CVT means the ratio changes continually. There are actually seven simulated ratios which fit the engine and the electric motor perfectly. The car always seems to be in comfortable revs which reduces harshness and improves fuel efficiency.

People who drive a lot in the city will also love the turning circle of 5,500 mm. Along with large glass surfaces and a predictable, boxy shape, this means that despite its size, navigation in tight parking spaces should not be an issue.

There is some body roll, but it is not prominent and definitely not uncomfortable for anything that a Noah can’t endure. Brakes are another great feature. The front ones are ventilated discs and the rear ones are solid discs. They inspire a lot of confidence and the pedal feel is well measured.

Interior of the Toyoya Noah Hybrid

noah hybrid interior

The interior is probably the most significant part of every MPV. Getting in is easy, you have keyless entry and locking and the back doors slide open, which is great for tight parking spaces. Moreover, they are powered.

All you need to do to open the rear doors is pull on the handle and the door does it for you. Long-press the button on the handle and the door closes. You can also close and open rear doors from the passenger seat with a press of a button.

The Noah is huge on the inside. The front passengers get comfortable chairs with lots of space between them. The passenger also gets storage space up front.

noah hybrid dashboard

The instrument cluster is very easy to read and it is a bit different than the conventional ones in that it doesn’t have a rev counter. It rather shows the charge and mode in which you are driving.

Speaking of which, there is a full EV mode, and ECO mode and a POWER mode, all of which change the way the car works. EV mode uses only batteries for power, but if you want brisk acceleration, it will automatically engage the engine.

The central section of the dashboard has a very interesting solution for the climate controls and a very stylish gearbox lever.

Second row backrests are adjustable and they are also spacious and accommodating. In order to access the third row, all you need to do is slide the second-row seat and that opens a huge space for easy entry. Second row seats also fold back to connect to the third row ones for a bed-length of space.

The car comes standard with multi-zone automatic climate control.

The boot space is rather big, even with all seven passengers in place. The height of the boot is especially remarkable and, provided you can stack suitcases one on top of another, you should be able to fit enough cargo for all passengers.

toyota noah hybrid boot space

The level of inventiveness which resulted in such versatility of the interior in a vehicle that is less than 4.7 m long is rather astonishing. You should not lack space in the Toyota Noah Hybrid.

But will the seven passengers be safe?

Yes they will. The Toyota Noah Hybrid comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense C that includes features such as traction control, automatic headlights, pre-collision system and lane departure alert.

Is the Toyota Noah Hybrid a Good Car

The Toyota Noah Hybrid is definitely a heck of an offer. It is very spacious, good to drive, stylish, packed with features and very practical. Moreover, despite its performance advantage over the non-hybrid version the Toyota Noah Hybrid fuel consumption is also lower than that of the non-hybrid one.

Looking at the rest of the offer in this segment and price range, this Toyota Hybrid looks like a winner.

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Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5G Review – The Ultimate MPV?

honda freed hybrid review

honda freed hybrid review

If compact dimensions and practical and spacious interior at the same time sounds impossible to you, get ready to change your mind!

This Honda Freed Hybrid review will show you why this compact MPV may be more than enough for all your practical needs. It’s got great interior space, 7 seats, modern design, practical features and a great new 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Speaking of the gearbox, its combination with a hybrid powertrain allows this Honda Freed Hybrid fuel consumption to be among the best in its class.

The Honda Freed Hybrid seems to tick all the right boxes on paper. Let’s give it a closer look.


The Freed is an entry-level MPV, but it actually looks pretty good. As standard, you get LED headlights and taillights and 15” wheels with these stylish wheel caps. The overall look is rather boxy, but not bad in any way. We’ll get to the benefits of the boxy body when we start talking about the interior and driving the Freed.

Now, we are talking about the style only.

front fascia freed hybrid

Even the front fascia is pretty upright, but instead of looking unimaginative, designers threw in a few additional details to spice up the look. The result is a rather nice creation.

The front has LED headlights hugging a stylish grille. The lower section has a small lip spoiler that adds to the sporty look of a car that is most definitely not thought of as sporty, so this is a nice bonus.

Engine and Drive

Most Freeds will spend most of their lives on busy city streets so the length of 4265 mm is a great feature. Combine it with its boxy shaped body, huge window surfaces and a great turning radius and manoeuvring and parking the Honda Freed is a breeze. There aren’t many 7-seaters that are easier to drive.

The power comes from a 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine and an electric motor. The engine alone produces 101 kW of power and 134 Nm of torque, so it is no slouch on its own. However, the electric motor is in charge of adding up to a fun driving experience. Electric motors have instant torque delivery at any RPM, so this means the Freed has some added push even before the engine has reached comfortable RPM.

The result is a great throttle response and acceleration that surprises anyone who mainly focuses on the practical side of the Freed Hybrid. You will get up to speed in no time and overtakes are far easier than most people would guess from the look at the car and its specs sheet.

Another reason for the significant improvement in the driving feel is the new gearbox option. This Honda Freed Hybrid review was our first chance of trying out the 7-Speed DCT in this car. The DCT stands for dual-clutch transmission and it denotes one of the fastest types of gearboxes.

Its two clutches provide very fast shifts, since while one clutch engages one gear, the second one prepares the next one based on the information processed by the transmission control unit. When the next gear needs to be engaged, the first clutch disengages, the second one engages the already prepared gear and the first one is ready to prepare the next gear.

This process is very smooth and fast and it is a great improvement over the previously used CVT gearboxes.

However, CVTs are famous for being efficient by keeping the engine in comfortable RPM longer than other kinds of gearboxes. Is the Honda Freed Hybrid fuel consumption worse now? Actually no. It stands at 25km/L thanks to the electric motor, efficient engine, 7 gears that enable comfortable RPM for the engine and an ECON driving mode that is engaged by a press of a button. With the Honda Freed Hybrid with the DCT you get a far better driving feel while keeping the amazing fuel efficiency.

But driving is not just about acceleration. The faster you go, the more force you need to stop. You will be pleased to know that the Honda Freed Hybrid comes with front and rear vented disc brakes, which make it a lot safer.

Speaking of safety, the Freed comes with additional safety features such as cruise control, traction control, hill start assist and six airbags.


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Reading this Honda Freed Hybrid review you may think we love it, but we still haven’t told you about the best part of the Freed. It is on the inside.

freed hybrid interior

The first thing you see is this stylish two-tone dashboard with this elegant wood trim. Start the car and you are greeted by a digital dashboard that lights up and a steering wheel that comes with cruise control buttons.

honda freed hybrid dashboard

The interior is adorned with a number of storage trays, bins and bottle holders and decently sized door bins with bottle holders. There is a lot of storage space, mostly up front and it is all packed in a modern, minimalist design. Large windows give loads of daylight and make the minimalist interior pleasantly bright.

freed hybrid gearbox

The gear lever looks great and really complements the digital dash, adding to the premium feel in an entry-level MPV. Very nice, Honda.

However, the best feature of the Freed is its seven seats that offer plenty of space despite compact dimensions of the body.

To reach the rearmost row of seats all you need to do is pull a lever on the side of the second-row seat and it automatically folds forwards and up to open a fairly wide space. Having in mind that the third row is mostly for children, the low floor is a great benefit, but the wide entry area is large enough even for adults.

honda freed hybrid interior

There is plenty of space on the inside. Second-row passengers will have more than enough legroom and headroom. Seats in the third row, understandably, offer less legroom, but there is actually enough space to drive adults there. The compact Honda Freed Hybrid actually offers more third-row space than many larger SUVs. However, if this is not enough, there is an additional feature to help you.

We’ll get to that a bit later. Now let’s see how practical the interior space is.

The third row seats backrests fold down and then the whole seat folds upwards towards the side windows, much like on the beloved and much more expensive Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This gives a very low boot floor, since the seats do not fold down into it and use up the storage space. There aren’t many cars that can transport bulkier cargo. The whole folding process lasts about 5-10 seconds.

If you think that is great, wait until you see what the second row seats can do. First of all, the backrests can fold backwards and connect to the third row seats to create a large, bed-like space. This is a great feature and one not common in the industry. Of course, they also fold forwards like in most cars for more cargo space. In this form they are also folded against the front seats backrests, so, just like the third row seats, they also don’t eat up into the floor.

If that is not enough for you, the second row seats also slide forwards and backwards to let you choose the amount of legroom for passengers in the two rear rows.

We have already mentioned the low load floor and a wide opening of the fifth door, but we have to emphasize just how great this is for loading heavy and bulky objects into the Honda Freed Hybrid.

This is not where practicality ends. Rear power sliding doors open and close from the interior with a push of a button and from the outside by simply pulling on the door handle. Simply pull it and the door opens automatically. Pull it again and it closes.

But what if you start closing the door before one of the passengers has moved his or her hand from the opening? Honda Freed has you covered! The moment the door senses there is something blocking the way, it automatically opens all the way thus preventing injury.

Bottom Line

The Honda Freed Hybrid looks nice, is wonderfully compact and surprisingly good to drive while being remarkably fuel efficient. But all these great features are not even the best the Honda Freed has to offer. Its interior comes with unparalleled interior functionality, practicality and space. It combines features that are seemingly impossible to find in a single vehicle.

You get good design, incredible interior practicality and versatility, advanced hybrid powertrain and a great gearbox, interior that is great to look at and the fuel efficiency of a vehicle that does not offer a portion of the benefits of the Honda Freed Hybrid.

If reading this Honda Freed Hybrid review makes you think this is one of the best vehicles in its class and price range, you are absolutely right.

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