Used Cars - Frequently Asked Questions

To help make your decision process easier, we’ve included some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received from interested used cars buyers for your reference.

What happens if you do not have the car that I want?

If we do not have the car that you want in our stock, usually we will first check with our network of dealer partners to see if they happen to have that car in stock. If not, we can assist our clients to search on our car-bidding platforms.

Alternatively, if you know some other dealers that have the car you want, we are able to assist our clients to do an evaluation of the car before you buy the car from them.

Do you do trade-ins?

Yes we do!

In order for us to quote for you, please provide us with the following information:
1. Number plate
2. IC number of owner
3. Mileage

We will try our best to provide the best quote that we can!

Do you provide consignment services if I want to sell my car?

Yes we do!

We understand that every owner wants to get the best deal when they sell their car, as such our pricing system is based on each transaction, rather than on “marking up” the selling price. We will also provide our own price analysis and advice the client as to what we think is a fair market price.

We usually charge $1,000, or 1% of the transaction price, whichever is higher. This price includes all advertising, management of viewing appointments, paperwork & documentation, full settlement of outstanding finance, rental of replacement cars etc. In short, we will handle every aspect of the sale for you!

What happens if we back out on a deal at the last minute?

We regret to inform you that according to the terms and conditions of our sales/purchase agreement, if our client fails to make good on the deal, then the deposit paid will have to be forfeited. Further to that, the client is also liable to pay compensation for the lost deal as well.

What is the payment process like? Regarding deposits, balance payments etc.

We usually collect a deposit of $2,000-$3,000 to reserve the car, and in the meantime we will proceed to apply the loan (if any) for the prospective buyer.

Once the loan is approved, we will collect the balance payment and transfer the ownership of the car to the new owner. The transfer of the cars can be done directly at our premises as we are LTA’s approved ESA (Electronic Services Agent).

Do you provide warranty for your used cars?

Yes we do. The length of the warranty will depend on the age/make/model of the car – Newer cars will usually enjoy a longer warranty period.

Not to forget, in Singapore, there is a lemon law that protects consumers and that has a minimum 6 month coverage period. As such, the minimum warranty to be expected for all of our used cars is 6 months.

As with new cars, the warranty will be provided by our own workshops.

Where do you get your used cars from?

Most of our used cars come from trade-ins when our clients purchase a new car with us. Besides that, we also have referrals, brokerage deals, as well as bidding platforms where we secure cars (if they are good deals!)