Honda Fit Hybrid Review – Small, Smooth, Super-efficient

honda fit hybrid review vin's automotive group

honda fit hybrid review vin's automotive group

The latest Honda Fit Hybrid is the result of a successful design evolution over the years and it is made to be a five-door subcompact which provides ample room for its class, surprisingly fun to drive, modern tech perks and design and all that for an affordable price.

Add to this a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, a new gearbox and the Honda Fit Hybrid specs look like the perfect car for anyone who spends a lot of time driving in the city.

Let’s take a closer look at the Honda Fit Hybrid review.

Design of the Fit Hybrid

The 2019 model looks pretty much the same as the 2018 version, with a few modernising revisions implemented, and that is a good thing. If it ain’t broken, why fix it? The headlights look a lot better and the new grille complements the look.

honda fit hybrid headlights

Unlike some of its competitors, the latest Fit Hybrid does not try to be something that it is not. There are no massive intakes or aggressive headlights but rather a nice set of modern features that fit (no pun intended) the personality of the car perfectly.

The side shows an elevated rear part which does not have the coupe-ish line like some of its competitors but a more conservative and upright rear section, albeit improved by a nice roof spoiler. Once again, this is a good thing, as you will see when we get to the interior.

Engine and Drive of the Fit Hybrid

Let’s have a look under the bonnet before that. The Fit Hybrid is powered by a 1.5 i-VTEC engine with 100 kW (134 bhp) and 134 Nm of torque. The engine is aided by an electric motor which provides instant torque delivery at any RPM.

This translates to smooth and confident acceleration, equally great for zipping around the city and fast expressway merges. It also saves a lot of fuel and the new lithium-ion batteries reduce weight while giving more range in EV mode. They are charged via regenerative braking.

The previous versions had either a 6-speed manual or a CVT. Now, we all know CVTs are smart, fuel efficient and advanced. However, they are also less fun to drive and give that unnatural disparity between the sound of the engine and what is actually happening on the road.

This is why Honda has moved to a 7-speed DCT for the latest version of the Fit Hybrid. The dual-clutch gearbox provides a much more direct feel, lightning-fast shifts, great smoothness and great fuel efficiency.

Speaking of which, the Honda Fit Hybrid fuel consumption stands at 31.4 km/L, making the Fit Hybrid a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on fuel with our current petrol prices in Singapore.

Steering is wonderfully precise and body roll is controlled. The front has McPherson struts and the rear has a torsion beam system. This setup, combined with the low weight, precise steering and a proper stabiliser bar gives you a very direct and in control feel behind the wheel of the Honda Fit Hybrid.

Brake feel is also very natural and well measured. Stopping power is more than enough for the small body.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the cabin is at city driving speeds. Some more expensive cars struggle with noise levels, but the car does a great job in this respect, having in mind its class and Honda Fit Hybrid price tag.

Being a city car, ease of parking is very important and the Fit’s compact dimensions, large window surfaces and wonderfully predictable shape, especially at the back, makes it a breeze to park. I was a bit disappointed when I heard that this particular model did not have parking sensors or a reversing camera but I quickly found out that they are really not a necessity in the latest Honda Fit Hybrid.


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Interior of the Honda Fit Hybrid

OK, we’ve praised the drive but it is not the most successful aspect of the new Fit. Step inside and you will see an incredibly spacious and bright interior. Its interior dimensions are among the best in its class and most of it come from clever engineering.

For example, the petrol tank is placed under the front seats and the transmission tunnel is minimal, giving loads of extra space in the back, while the elongated windscreen increases the space in the front and which allows more natural light into the cabin. Similarly, that uncoupe-ish rear section translates to more space for the heads of rear passengers and cargo as well. There is loads of space for the front and rear and even three adults in the back will find the space tolerable.

Speaking of the rear seats, they have a two-step reclining function. Legroom in the rear is class leading and the perfect height of the seats provides a very comfortable sitting position.

Add to this the option of the so-called ‘Magic Seat’ that includes rear seat bottoms that can fold upwards allowing you to load bulky and pretty high cargo, which is great for things like washing machines and similar.

The base model that we tested does not come with the ‘Magic Seat’, but the trim above it does.

If you are looking for a car with the same characteristics as the Fit Hybrid but with bigger space, check out our Honda Shuttle Hybrid review.

There are also other seat adjustment options including 60/40 split-folding that results in a flat cargo floor and dropping of the front passenger seat backwards which both allows you to carry very long items and gives your passenger a great position for a nap on long trips.

honda fit hybrid boot space

Boot capacity also reflects this practicality with 354L in its smallest form and massive 1314L with the seats folded flat. The fifth door opens wide and the loading floor is very low, which is great for putting in heavy and/or bulky cargo. Mind you, all this in a subcompact city car. This is most definitely the most versatile interior in its class.

Well done, Honda!

There are some nice, soft-touch materials sprinkled around the cabin. It’s no Bentley when it comes to interior materials but you will be pleasantly surprised by some soft-touch surfaces for a car of this price range. This being said, most surfaces are covered in hard plastics and this is on par with most of the Fit Hybrid’s competitors.

The steering wheel is very modern and packed with features. It does not feel cluttered and it takes a very short time to get used to all the controls. The gearbox lever is also very modern and its design is even reminiscent of some higher class European models.

The instrument cluster consists of a large central speedometer flanked by two smaller sections, giving loads of information about the amount of fuel left, consumption, temperature, mileage, gearbox, range and similar.

Despite the comprehensive amount of information, the instrument cluster is very easy to read and it takes just a quick glance for the driver to get all the necessary information.

honda fit hybrid dashboard

There are two cup holders in the central console and one more at the side of the dashboard, the latter being positioned in front of the air vent, which means your drinks can be heated or cooled. Door pockets also have bottle holders.

The interior holds plenty of storage spaces, including a glove box, a small section at the very front of the central console that is large enough for modern phones and a large and surprisingly deep bin under the front armrest.

Is the Honda Fit Hybrid a Good Car

The Fit Hybrid was always a good car in its class but the 2019 model introduced some new features that make it even better. The interior comes with unique spaciousness and versatility, the hybrid powertrain provides better performance than the spec sheet would suggest while using less fuel, the new gearbox is a step up in every sense and the value for money is incredible. If you are in need of a good, practical city car that is fun to drive, there aren’t many better options.

Come by our showroom to view the Honda Fit Hybrid in person and we will be more than happy to explain the features in detail.

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