honda vezel review

honda vezel review

The facelifted Honda Vezel seems to have everything going for it. It is made by one of the most revered manufacturers with a great record for producing reliable cars that look good and are fun to drive, it is an upgrade to the already beloved vehicle and it is in one of the most popular automotive segments – subcompact crossover SUV.

While the very popular segment means that the Vezel is very likely to be very sought after, it also means that it has loads of competitors. Everyone is making subcompact SUVs nowadays and that means there is a lot to choose from in terms of price, equipment and different brands.

The previous Honda Vezel was a strong contender, but in such a crowded segment of the market, it was getting a bit dated. Honda did not try to drain every last sale of the previous model. but hurried to make it even more enticing to potential buyers.

Let us see if the Honda Vezel lives up to the expectations.

Design of the Honda Vezel 1.5x

The Vezel looks great. It is definitely one modern, stylish car. It is a mixture of curves and sharp edges and this kind of an idea often translates to clumsy designs. Not here.

The front has large lights that hug the sides of the car and continue towards the middle where they combine with a part that holds the Honda badge. The grille under this section is smaller but cleverly incorporated into the overall design of the front. The very low lip spoiler and fog lights make the front sportier.

Side view reveals a very handsome roofline that falls as it reaches the rear of the car. It is complemented by a crease that runs upwards over the doors and meets with the upper window line at the very back, completing the shape of the rear door handles. Even though it may sound like we’ve given too much attention to these two lines, they are actually the perfect examples of the attention to detail that resulted in this stylish design.

The  Honda Vezel is one stylish creation that definitely stands out from the crowd by incorporating a great number of design features without being over the top.

What Is the Difference Between the  Honda HRV and Vezel?

Put the Vezel and the HRV side by side and it would be almost impossible to tell them apart. The same similar specs like engine and chasis type. There can also be differences in the interior like the number of airbags and upholstery.

However, the main difference between the Honda Vezel and HRV is that the Vezel is brought in by a parallel importer like Vin’s Automotive. Whereas the HRV is sold by the authorised dealer.

Engine and Drive

The engine in this Honda Vezel is a 1.5L i-VTEC petrol with dual overhead camshafts. It produces 96 kW (129 bhp) and 155 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a CVT and it is the perfect choice. While the feel of CVT gearboxes is not among the most beloved features among some car fans, nobody can deny the smart efficiency of its mode of operation.

It keeps the engine at perfect revs for any particular driving conditions and extracts the most of it without ever making it feel strained, save for extreme acceleration.

The fact that the engine spends most of its time in its most efficient revs thanks to the continuously variable nature of the gearbox also means that fuel efficiency is improved and it officially stands at 20km/L. That is pretty good for an SUV powered by a petrol engine.

Suspension is MacPherson up front and torsion beam for the back. This setup makes the Vezel both comfortable and composed while cruising and stable in curves. It doesn’t matter what kind of a body style your Honda is. It is very likely that it will be at least a bit fun to drive.

The steering feel is great, very precise and it gives great feedback and the pedals are perfectly weighted which makes their use very intuitive from the first day.

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Interior Design

interior of vezel

The Honda Vezel is a subcompact but the cabin is very spacious. The front looks very distinctive, it has great ergonomics and surprisingly good materials for this class.

The control panel in the middle of the central section of the dashboard is angled towards the driver and it is surprisingly easy to use. The steering wheel is thick and perfectly sized and the space in front of the passenger is dominated by air vents for an upmarket feel reminiscent of some Audi models, though with a different general idea.

The instrument cluster packs loads of information, but it is very easy to read and nice to look at. All in all, if you are in the driver’s seat of the Vezel, you will feel like everything in the car is aimed at your convenience.

Legroom in the rear is outstanding and even the headroom is not hampered by the stylish roofline. All the seats are elevated so you get a nice high sitting position, comfortable knee angle and enough space under the front seats to tuck your feet there and stretch a bit more.

The boot opening is wide with no intrusions and it makes loading large items a breeze. It the large items are also heavy, you will love the low load lip. The space with the seats up is 448 L which is among the most accommodating ones in its class.

If you need more space, the rear seats split 60/40 and fold for massive storage capacity. Even more remarkably, when the rear seats are folded, you get a completely flat floor. This is not often the case with subcompact vehicles whose small dimensions usually require a slope when the seats are folded.

Not in the Honda Vezel.

The great legroom translates to enough space to accommodate the folded backrests completely.

The passenger seat folds backwards for a space that is long enough for very long items such as surfboards.

Rear-seat cushions also fold upwards in an arrangement called Magic Seat to accommodate taller items.  This feature is familiar from some other Honda models and more than welcome as it makes transporting bulky items a breeze.

If interior practicality and versatility in a small package are your priorities, the Vezel is most definitely one of the top picks if not the best one.

Is the Honda Vezel a Good Car

The latest Honda Vezel looks good, it drives well, it has efficient powertrain and it packs a stunningly practical interior setup. It proves that top-rated practicality can come in a stylish and fun package. Add to this the reliability that Honda is famous for and the Vezel becomes even more tempting.

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