How to Choose a Good Car Workshop in Singapore

how to find a good workshop in singapore

how to find a good workshop in singapore

A good servicing network should be an essential part of any sensible car purchase but not many people give it the necessary attention. Buying a car that which has no expert workshop is never a good idea, since when things go bad, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Moreover, each car brand also often have their own unique engineering solutions which not many mechanics will have experience with. Modern cars from most brands nowadays have their own hardware and software tools which often cost a lot.

A good car servicing option in Singapore is not important only if you have major breakdowns. Even regular maintenance can prove to be an issue. The more pressure the parts have to endure, the more important things like proper engine or transmission oil or other liquids are.

Almost every car manufacturer states what needs to be used in their cars for safe, durable and optimal operation. There are a few DIY things that you can do for your car to save money, read more about it in our article: 6 DIY Car Maintenance Tips

Due to all these reasons, a good car service in Singapore needs to tick a few boxes without exception. It should employ experienced experts who are familiar with the latest trends in the industry and have the latest tools, it should be specialised in a few brands, or even in just one, it needs to have a good reputation and it would be perfect if you could make your cooperation with the workshop an ongoing affair. This will mean that they will want to give you the best service because nobody wants to lose a returning customer.

Finding a good car workshop in Singapore is definitely worth the effort, as it can save you a lot of money and bring you the peace of mind that is priceless. Here is how to find one of them. Make sure your workshop of choice ticks these boxes.

They work on vehicles from specific brands

Even though you can find a very good mechanic who works on all brands and models, the best service will usually come from services that are specialised in one or a few brands. An intricacy of a particular model that is familiar to a mechanic who works on a few of those every day may be completely new to someone who performs only regular maintenance.

Worst case scenario, your car can be seriously damaged. OK, this kind of a result is rare, but even if you save only time and money by choosing a mechanic that is an expert in your brand, it is well worth it.

They employ experts

Nobody is born an expert and young and passionate mechanics are always a good thing but the best workshop will also inevitably include qualified mechanics with the right tools and loads of experience.

However, the fact that there is an expert somewhere in the workshop does not mean he is the one working on your car. Which leads us to the next point.

They have a good reputation

Ask around. If a car service in Singapore has a good reputation, that means they are doing something right. Good reputation from various sources is built over time and easily tarnished. We always check online sources but in a relatively small space such as Singapore, asking friends and neighbours is a very good idea. If someone you know has had a car for a few years, it is very likely that they have experience with services for that brand.

They are not unreasonably cheap

Good equipment and expert mechanics cost money, so if servicing is too cheap, you can safely assume they are compromising on something which should not be an option. Of course, a very high price is also not a guarantee you are getting the best service, so price should most definitely not be the deciding factor in the beginning. It can only be important when choosing between the top few servicing options that passed all the other tests.

They have good customer care

Even though responsive customer care by no means guarantees that their mechanics know what they are doing, it is a very nice bonus. You should know how long your car will be in service, if they have free pick-up or any other benefits. This point should not be the deciding one, but it should be seen as a bonus when you filter out other services based on the previously mentioned criteria.

They are close to you

Again, this is another thing that should not be the deciding factor since quality is more important than convenience in this respect but bear in mind that you cannot really plan when your car will break down. Unless the car service of your choice has free pick up or drop off, you will have to drive the car to the workshop, which can seriously worsen the issue, or have the car towed which will cost more money and take more time.

They have an ongoing business relationship with you

If you have had a great experience with a car service for your previous vehicle, it is worth considering choosing the same brand of the car for your next purchase. It is an even easier choice if you can buy your car and service it at the same place. Car sellers that offer servicing as part of their business are not looking to sell you a bad car, because they need to give you a warranty for it, so if you keep coming back to claim the warranty, they will lose money.

Here at Vin’s Automotive, we provide a warranty for the cars that we sell. Our customers just have to bring their car back to our workshop for any maintenance and repairs.

Similarly, they will do their best to keep you as a customer, so that they will be your first choice when you want to buy a new car. This kind of relationship makes them give you the best service available so if you can find one like that, you should look no further.

As you can see, choosing the best car workshop includes many different factors and greatly depends on your needs and preferences. The quality of work, right equipment and expertise are a must, while all the other mentioned factors only add to the positive experience.