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Mercedes GLB 200 review Vin's Automotive Group

Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 was a long-awaited model. It filled the strangely unpopulated space in the Mercedes SUV lineup between the larger  GLC 300 or the small city buzzer the GLA 200.

Well, not only do we now have the GLB to fill the empty space but also four trims to choose from, each of which adds to the already amazing features of the entry-level trim called ‘Sport’. The other trims that we have are:

  • GLB 200 AMG Line
  • GLB 200 AMG Line Premium,
  • GLB 200 AMG Line Premium Plus

Each of them is a step up in almost every respect from distinctive exterior styling, interior perks and quality to advanced safety features.

But the GLB did not just fill the space. It also brought a lot to this segment of the market, offering a relatively compact, yet very practical vehicle that feels as comfortable in the city as it does on the motorway, that is easy to park and can also carry 7 passengers and that has that Mercedes-Benz aura that we are all used to.

You can check out the complete specs and features of the GLB 200 here.


The Mercedes-Benz GLB 200 has four trim levels to choose from, but even the entry-level one looks awesome. Sleek headlights border the perfectly measured grille with the three-pointed star. The lower section of the front holds the bumper with modern, aggressive features.
The side silhouette is a bit more rectangular, but with softening bends in all the right places.

This is how a small SUV can look both imposing and elegant at the same time. The rear boasts more recognizable Mercedes styling features that make the Mercedes GLB 200 look bigger and bolder than it really is.

There are four trim levels that make a difference in the way the Mercedes GLB looks. They change things like wheel sizes, bumper inserts and grille design, but in all of them, you get an elegant creation that draws attention on the road.

The GLB 200 is a proper Mercedes-Benz and it looks the part.


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Engine and Drive

All of the trim levels come with the same powering unit. It is a 1.3 L turbocharged engine with 161 hp and 250 Nm. It is mated to a 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic that transfers the push to the front wheels for improved fuel efficiency and lower weight.

Speaking of which, the official fuel consumption is 14.2 km/L of petrol. That power is enough to push you to 100 in a notch over 9 seconds and all the way up to 207 km/h.

So how do all those numbers translate to the driving feel?

While no powerhouse, the top torque figure comes from just over 1600 rpm and you can see that. Moreover, the dual-clutch gearbox reacts quickly and always keeps you in the best possible section of the rpm range.

This means that the power delivery is next to instant. 1600 rpm is not far from idle speed, so when you press the pedal it takes just a very short time to get all that torque at once and the GLB 200 is ready to take off. The gearbox plays a big role in this as it shifts quickly and it keeps you at the best revs for performance or efficiency.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the comfort and road handling of the Mercedes GLB 200. While it is a compact SUV, it is neither as firm as many of its competitors, neither does it lean in curves as much. They seem to have found the sweet spot between those comfort and control and it is just great.

Steering wheel feedback is a bit vague, but that is the case with most cars of this kind. They are not sports cars and they will spend most of their time in the city or long open roads, so a light and comfortable steering feel is welcome.

Similarly, the boxy, stylish body is perfect for manoeuvring tight parking spaces and estimating how far you can go. The elevated driving position is another perk in this respect as it gives a great overview of the area.


The GLB 200 offers amazing versatility, great engine and efficiency, cool design and loads of tech. It had to show the difference somewhere in terms of price when compared to the GLC 300 and that is interior refinement.

While it is not at the level of the GLC or GLE, it is also a true Mercedes-Benz, standing above most of its competitors in this class.

The twin screens interior is designed using the latest styling direction from the company. It oozes the sense of elegance and technology, from the mentioned screens to the beautiful and very practical multi-gesture touchpad controls.

Of course, this kind of tech allows for loads of personalisation that can be saved in seven different profiles. Moreover, all the tech in the GLB 200 is designed to make the best use of machine learning to adapt to your preferences and habits over time and make your GLB fit like a glove.

In terms of sheer practicality and comfort, the Mercedes GLB interior is better than one would say just by looking at it. The front, of course, is spacious and ergonomically perfect but the space in the rear is more than accommodating for a vehicle of this size. Moreover, there are two more seats in the third row. While those are only for children and occasional use, they are more than a welcome perk in a vehicle in this segment of the market.

Want even more?

The boot capacity with all 7 seats in use is 130 L. This is not a lot but do bear in mind that you have 7 people in the car. Fold the third row and you get 500 L of space. Fold the second row and you get 1055 L.

Still not enough? Then you should know that all these cargo capacity figures are only up to the window line. Fold the two rear rows and top it up to the roof and you get 1680 L of space. More commonly, with the second row in use and the far back packed to the roof you get 700 L of cargo capacity.


As expected, all Mercedes models are packed with safety, so the GLB 200 is no exception, even in the entry-level trim. Just some of the features include traction control, automatic headlights, rain sensors, cruise control, active bonnet, active brake assist, active lane-keeping assist and more.

Is The Mercedes GLB 200 A Good Car?

Yes, it fits the space between the GLA and GLC perfectly and even adds more than we would expect from a vehicle of this segment. It is the perfect next step for families who need more space than what the subcompact GLA 200 has to offer in terms of practicality.

Higher trim levels with twin 10.25” screens, awesome AMG styling and additional tech perks really make the GLB stand out from the crowd.

Which Is Better, GLC 300 or GLB 200?

Generally speaking, if your budget allows, the GLC is worth considering as a top pick. It is bigger, adds another level of quality and with more engines to choose from.

However, if the GLC 300 isn’t your cup of tea, I’m not sure why anyone would find the GLB 200 lacking in most respects. In terms of interior space, while the GLB is not at the level of the GLC, it is not far behind.

If you are looking for a car than has power, comfort, safety, versatility and backed with fine Mercedes Engineering, you really can’t go wrong with the Mercedes GLB 200.

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