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Best Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Car

Pests can find their way everywhere. They can easily get in your home, in your office, and in other places, you may own. Your car is no exception. The last thing you want to happen is for a cockroach to suddenly appear on your dashboard while driving. That being said, not only can they be…

Don’t Get Caught Out With A Dead Car Battery: 8 Signs To Look Out For

Your car battery is like the blood of your vehicle that keeps it running effectively. From starting the engine to activating the car GPS, the battery plays a massive role in your car’s functions. Taking care of the battery ensures that your car runs smoothly with minimum problems. Let’s face it: we’ve all had nightmares…

Should You Sell Your Car by Consignment?

If you are selling your used car in Singapore, there are a few ways you can do it, but one of those is not very common, yet it is pretty tempting. We are talking about selling your car by consignment. In short, what consignment promises is that you can decide on the price, you can…

10 Top Car Issues : Know What They Are and How To Fix It

Cars, like any other machine, are bound to come across a few issues now and again. You may take them through routine maintenance checks, but there will be days when your car will sit back in your garage and think “ah, what a beautiful day to have a breakdown.” Luckily for you, some of these…

Different Types Of Gear Transmissions: Know The Difference

Most people think that gearbox types depend on if you have to change gears yourself or if it is done automatically. However, there are more differences in the underlying mechanisms, driving feel and the best application. This is why we decided to give our readers a quick overview of the most common transmission options and…