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How to Choose a Good Car Workshop in Singapore

A good servicing network should be an essential part of any sensible car purchase but not many people give it the necessary attention. Buying a car that which has no expert workshop is never a good idea, since when things go bad, you need someone who knows what they are doing. Moreover, each car brand…

9 Must Have Car Accessories in Singapore

Cars nowadays have more equipment than they ever had before. And that equipment costs money…a lot of money. The difference in prices between entry-level and top trims can be more than 40% for some models. Moreover, many of the most beloved features are available only on luxury cars which cost a real fortune in Singapore.…

6 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Should Be Doing

If you have recently bought a new car, this article is only partially for you. If you own a car that is still under warranty, car maintenance should be done by the dealer as messing around with your car internal parts can void your warranty. Warranty is different for different brands, but most commonly it…

How to Buy A Used Car In Singapore

Buying a used car is a proper skill and one that is developed over time and with lots of experience. If you want to buy a used car in Singapore, the skill needs to be even more developed due to all the issues with badly maintained cars, COE, unexpected fees, dishonest dealers and some of the…

How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

Choosing the perfect family car can be a rather challenging task. As much as would like to get a petrol-guzzling, V8-powered SUV from one of the premium brands, it is not very likely that the family vehicle of your choice will be much fun to drive. When choosing the perfect family car, people usually have…