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Parallel Importer Reviews - Our Testimonials

If you’re still deciding on a parallel importer to bring in the car you’ve been dreaming of, why not read what some of our clients have to say about us?

Our goal and focus as a parallel importer is to always deliver the cars we bring in for our clients on time, in satisfactory condition, and equipped with the customisations we promise them. But it isn’t just the one-time service we want to impress our clients with… it is the life long commitment to them not just as an importer, but also as their warranty provider, their insurance claims facilitator, servicing workshop, and much more.

We aim to provide our clients with a one-stop place for all their automotive needs and requirement.

See Why Our Clients Choose Us As
Their Recommended Car Dealer


Mr. Ethan

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5G
White Orchid Pearl

The real deciding factor was Aaron's communication skills and customer oriented attitude.I would say this is the best car purchase experience out of my 3 past car purchases. Look forward to a high standard servicing at their workshop.


Ms. Jeannie

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Luna Silver Metallic

Aaron was a very professional sales staff both before and after sale was done.I must say, with Vin's, i feel very reassured that everything is in order!


Mr. Joshua

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Midnight Blue Beam Metallic

We were greeted with a really warm and professional sales person, Aaron.Love his passion and attitude, will definitely recommend Aaron if you are thinking of getting a car from Vin’s!


Mr Chia

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Blue Horizon Metallic 

I bought the Honda Freed hybrid, the whole process was smooth and pleasant, with Aaron updating me with latest happenings of the car.Vin's Auto also has one stop service for my future car maintenance.


Ms Nuraisyah

Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8X
Pearl Crystal Shine

Vin's Automative - Highly regarded PI. Galvin gave very clear advice of the the different models and his knowledge of the cars is top notch.


Mr Edwin

Honda Vezel 1.5X
Midnight Blue Beam Metallic

Great service and hospitality throughout the entire car purchase process. We would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking to purchase a new car, even with little or no knowledge.


Mr Suresh

Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5
Shining Grey Metallic

Great Service from start to finish, would recommend anytime. Looking to get a car be it new or used, Please look for Aaron. His service is impeccable.


Dennis Chew

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5G 7 Seater 
Modern Steel Metallic

I can assured that all my future cars will definitely from Vaug serve by Aaron and will recommend all my acquaintance to purchase their cars from Vaug.👍


Ms Farila

Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5
Shining Grey Metallic

Tip Top service right from the start by Aaron. I would reccommend Vin's Auto P/L!


Mr Goh

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Crystal Black Pearl

Best service I ever get. Galvin always kept me posted on status of the delivery and offered valuable advices. If you are looking at PI car, vin''s automotive is the right choice!"


Mr Surani

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Ruse Black Metallic

Eric you are the best and doing great!


Mr Cheah

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Luna Silver Metallic

A numbers of PI were recommended to me thru shuttle club. I visited most of them and found Aaron in Vin's Auto most friendly and trust worthy!


Mr Khoo

Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5
Shining Grey Metallic

Aaron was really professional and detailed throughout the whole process. Thanks Aaron and definitely will recommend Vin's Automotive to any car buyer.


Mr Lim

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Modern Steel Metallic

Hi Aaron, we are thankful of your service which u strive to do your best to meet our requests. You are professional and always served with passion and pride.



Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5
Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic

Fated to meet vin auto even though nearly closing time. Fated to buy from them. N lastly one shot one kill PI.


Mr Chia

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Cobalt Blue Pearl

Aaron's ability to give honest respond and his knowledge on the Honda Freed, convinced us to go with Vin's. Great Experience!


Ms Leow

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Modern Steel Metallic

The whole process of getting a new car from PI had been great as Aaron has been very patient and professional.


Mr Tham

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Luna Silver Metallic

Excellent customer service, prompt follow up, did his best in accommodating all my requests.Strongly recommend Vin’s Automotive and especially Aaron!"


Mr Seng

Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5
Shining Grey Metallic

I find Aaron a sincere, attentive and friendly person.Many thanks to Aaron again for the positive service experience!


Mr Foo

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Luna Silver Metallic

It was instant connection with Aaron after several PIs. His service is prompt, transparent and clear.Definitely recommended!

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