Toyota Noah Hybrid Review – Good Things Come In Big Packages

toyota noah hybrid review

toyota noah hybrid review

On paper, the Toyota Noah Hybrid looks like the perfect all-round vehicle. It boasts modern looks, seats up to 7 people, offers a very versatile interior layout, a huge loading space with a flat floor and a very efficient, yet powerful enough engine to push the big body.

It sounds almost too good to be true so let us check out the Toyota Noah Hybrid review to learn more.

Design Of The Toyota Noah Hybrid

noah hybrid rear

We did mention the modern looks but the overall shape of the Noah is determined by the fact that it is an MPV. In order to maximize practicality, designers at Toyota created a boxy body, especially for the rear.

This dramatically increased interior space, both for the passengers and cargo,

This is why the result is even more interesting. With a few clever lines and smart solutions, they made the boxy blocks far more stylish.

noah hybrid rear

For example, the rear has a chrome stripe flanked by thin and upright taillights which hug the tinted rear window giving just the perfect amount of contrast and flair.

This same rear has a huge loading space, low, large and unobstructed load lip, a huge boot opening and a rear window that offers far more visibility than those on most competitors.

The side is more van-like with an ascending line behind the C pillar and a sliding door, while the front sports a huge grille with massive, body-coloured stripes. The headlights fall perfectly in place and complement the overall design.

In short, the Toyota Noah Hybrid looks as good as a van-like MPV in its price range.

Engine and Drive of The Toyota Noah Hybrid

The engine in this Toyota Noah Hybrid is a 1.8L I4 unit with 100 kW (134 hp) and 142 Nm of torque.

It is aided by an electric motor which adds enough zest with low-end torque to give a much better driving feel than the power and torque ratings would suggest.

For example, the standard, non-hybrid Noah has a 2L engine with 110 kW (150hp). This one is noticeably faster and more fuel-efficient.

The power is sent to the front wheels via an E-CVT gearbox chosen due to its efficiency. The same reason sits behind the choice of the Atkinson cycle for the engine. The engineers aimed to make the Noah as fuel efficient as possible, while also being powerful enough and very, very versatile for city driving.


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What is the Toyota Noah Hybrid Fuel Consumption?

The official specification says that you will cover 23.8 km for every litre of fuel. For a petrol vehicle with 7 seats and 1610 kg this is a great achievement.

The E-CVT is also very good. Even though the general operation of a CVT means the ratio changes continually. There are actually seven simulated ratios which fit the engine and the electric motor perfectly. The car always seems to be in comfortable revs which reduces harshness and improves fuel efficiency.

People who drive a lot in the city will also love the turning circle of 5,500 mm. Along with large glass surfaces and a predictable, boxy shape, this means that despite its size, navigation in tight parking spaces should not be an issue.

There is some body roll, but it is not prominent and definitely not uncomfortable for anything that a Noah can’t endure. Brakes are another great feature. The front ones are ventilated discs and the rear ones are solid discs. They inspire a lot of confidence and the pedal feel is well measured.

Interior of the Toyoya Noah Hybrid

noah hybrid interior

The interior is probably the most significant part of every MPV. Getting in is easy, you have keyless entry and locking and the back doors slide open, which is great for tight parking spaces. Moreover, they are powered.

All you need to do to open the rear doors is pull on the handle and the door does it for you. Long-press the button on the handle and the door closes. You can also close and open rear doors from the passenger seat with a press of a button.

The Noah is huge on the inside. The front passengers get comfortable chairs with lots of space between them. The passenger also gets storage space up front.

noah hybrid dashboard

The instrument cluster is very easy to read and it is a bit different than the conventional ones in that it doesn’t have a rev counter. It rather shows the charge and mode in which you are driving.

Speaking of which, there is a full EV mode, and ECO mode and a POWER mode, all of which change the way the car works. EV mode uses only batteries for power, but if you want brisk acceleration, it will automatically engage the engine.

The central section of the dashboard has a very interesting solution for the climate controls and a very stylish gearbox lever.

Second row backrests are adjustable and they are also spacious and accommodating. In order to access the third row, all you need to do is slide the second-row seat and that opens a huge space for easy entry. Second row seats also fold back to connect to the third row ones for a bed-length of space.

The car comes standard with multi-zone automatic climate control.

The boot space is rather big, even with all seven passengers in place. The height of the boot is especially remarkable and, provided you can stack suitcases one on top of another, you should be able to fit enough cargo for all passengers.

toyota noah hybrid boot space

The level of inventiveness which resulted in such versatility of the interior in a vehicle that is less than 4.7 m long is rather astonishing. You should not lack space in the Toyota Noah Hybrid.

But will the seven passengers be safe?

Yes they will. The Toyota Noah Hybrid comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense C that includes features such as traction control, automatic headlights, pre-collision system and lane departure alert.

Is the Toyota Noah Hybrid a Good Car

The Toyota Noah Hybrid is definitely a heck of an offer. It is very spacious, good to drive, stylish, packed with features and very practical. Moreover, despite its performance advantage over the non-hybrid version the Toyota Noah Hybrid fuel consumption is also lower than that of the non-hybrid one.

Looking at the rest of the offer in this segment and price range, this Toyota Hybrid looks like a winner.

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