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If you’re still deciding on a parallel importer to bring in the car you’ve been dreaming of, why not read what some of our clients have to say about us?

Our goal and focus as a parallel importer is to always deliver the cars we bring in for our clients on time, in satisfactory condition, and equipped with the customisations we promise them. But it isn’t just the one-time service we want to impress our clients with… it is the life long commitment to them not just as an importer, but also as their warranty provider, their insurance claims facilitator, servicing workshop, and much more.

We aim to provide our clients with a one-stop place for all their automotive needs and requirement.

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Lee Man Xin

Mr Lee

Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5G
Premium Yellow Pearl II

Excellent service with real time update with photos regarding car status and coe bidding results.We managed to get the car relatively quickly too. Will recommend to others too.😊

Koh Ah Nang

Mdm Koh

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5G
Silver Metallic

The sales process was very smooth, delivery time was superb. Galvin is my go to guy for all cars related issues. The trust is there and I’d buy another car from him again in the future.

Tan Chin Hao

Mr Tan

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Luna Silver Metallic

Thank you to Aaron and team for making my buying experience pleasant. They provide more personal attention than a large dealer and pass cost savings to the customer.

Cherry Au

Ms Cherry

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Shining Grey Metallic

My wife and I are very happy with the entire purchase experience and we look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship of great customer experience with reasonable pricing with Aaron and Vin's Auto.

Abdul Razak

Mr Abdul Razak

Honda Fit 1.3GF
Shining Grey Metallic

We are very glad to be served by Aaron when purchasing our car.Your patience and honesty are key that I am impressed with your service. You are definitely an asset to the company.

Koh Kim Heng

Mr Koh

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5G
Shining Grey Metallic

Sale consultant Aaron Yap 是一位诚恳,尽责,诚实和热心的销售员,在他的诚恳和热心的服務下,我才毫不犹豫的买了这辆 Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5 轿车。

Ho See Seng

Mr Ho

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Luna Silver Metallic

Aaron of Vin's has proven himself to be an excellent sales person. He is sincere, approachable and reliable.I am really lucky to have him handling the process!

Tan Choe Kin

Mr Tan

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Midnight Blue Beam Metallic

Thanks Jonny for his fast respond, attention to all details, consistent and proactive follow up throughout the entire cycle even servicing after sales. Probably the most delicate sales rep who I ever dealt with!


Lee Jain Fatt

Mr Lee

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Luna Silver Metallic

The salesperson Aaron handled our transaction was 1) Friendly 2) Responsive 3) Knowledegable n 4) Precise. I strongly recommend Vin's Auto to be your choice of PI for your next purchase.

Poh Chee Keong

Mr Poh

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Crystal Black Pearl

Galvin took his time to explain the whole lengthy process from loan, COE bidding, insurance as well as warranty. They are also CASE trust accredited which give consumers like you and me a peace of mind when purchasing new cars.


Mr Koh

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Luna Silver Metallic

Recently purchased Honda Shuttle from Vin's Auto. Thanks Jonny for your recommendation and great customer service.

Tay Jun Liang


Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Shining Grey Metallic

Aaron was no pushy, hidden sales tactics and no over-promise was made.I would like to sincerely congratulate Vin's Auto for such robust, customer-oriented business model and sales services.


Lim Boon Hock

Mr Lim

Honda Shuttle Petrol 1.5G
Luna Silver Metallic

Excellent customer service from Aaron, he is precise, compassionate and patience.Thanks Aaron for making my car-buying experience a simple and enjoyable one.

Yap Zhan Jiang

Mr Yap

Honda Fit 1.3GF
Midnight Blue Beam Metallic

I’m also very impressed by the services provided by Aaron, not just during the purchase of the car but even after collection.Thanks to Vin’s for making my car-buying experience a simple and enjoyable one.

Melissa Tay Toon Ling

Ms. Melissa

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Crystal Black Pearl

I was extremely impressed with their level of service and follow up. Communication was excellent and I highly recommend them.


Ms. Christine

Toyota Prius Alpha
Dark Blue Mica

It was the wisest choice for us to buy our beloved Prius alpha from Vin’s auto. They have the best service in town & able assist in all our issues 


Mr. Ng

Honda Shuttle 1.5G
Crystal Black Pearl

Aaron who was very patient , professional and responsive went through all the basic procedure of owning a car to a first time car owner like us.Sure will recommend Aaron to my friends!



Mr. Ethan

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5G
White Orchid Pearl

The real deciding factor was Aaron's communication skills and customer oriented attitude.I would say this is the best car purchase experience out of my 3 past car purchases. Look forward to a high standard servicing at their workshop.


Ms. Jeannie

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5
Luna Silver Metallic

Aaron was a very professional sales staff both before and after sale was done.I must say, with Vin's, i feel very reassured that everything is in order!


Mr. Joshua

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5
Midnight Blue Beam Metallic

We were greeted with a really warm and professional sales person, Aaron.Love his passion and attitude, will definitely recommend Aaron if you are thinking of getting a car from Vin’s!

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